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Take a look at our Qualifier Questions below – meeting these requirements is the first step.

  • Are you a FIRST-TIME home buyer (or have not owned a house in the last 3 years)?
  • Is your household income within the following limit:
    Household Size: 1  |  Gross Income: $47,750.00
    Household Size: 2  |  Gross Income: $54,350.00
    Household Size: 3  |  Gross Income: $61,150.00
    Household Size: 4  |  Gross Income: $67,900.00
    Household Size: 5  |  Gross Income: $73,350.00
    Household Size: 6  |  Gross Income: $78,800.00
    Household Size: 7  |  Gross Income: $84,200.00
    Household Size: 8  |  Gross Income: $89,650.00

*The household income limits were last updated as of April 15, 2021 Income limits are set by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

  • Do you plan to live in this house for at least the next 5 years?
  • Are you willing to attend the Home Buyer Education classes required for participation? This will include an initial introduction class of approximately 2 hours, one all-day class, and at least one follow-up session.
  • Are you willing to participate in credit coaching if required to help you improve your eligibility?
  • Will you participate in our First Neighbors Program by agreeing to be paired with a neighborhood family, chosen for you by SJHI, that can offer assistance with neighborhood questions, share information about neighborhood activities, and introduce you to other neighbors?

Here are the documents you will need to apply:

1. Income documents:

  • Pay stubs covering the most recent 30 days that include your year to date earnings
  • Federal tax returns, personal (and business if applicable) for the most recent 2 years
  • W-2s and /or 1099’s for the past 2 years
  • Copy of Social Security/Pension/Child Support awards letter (if applicable)

2. Asset documents:

  • Bank Statements – all pages for most recent 2 months
  • Investment &/or Retirement Accounts – all pages covering last 2 months