SJHI homes are renovated and sold at an affordable price to low and moderate-income homebuyers who have been pre-qualified and participated in SJHI-sponsored home buying education programs. Our families are also assigned a “First Neighbor” partner family, who will provide support and connect them to their greater community.


This house has a special history and was in the same family for many years. In the 1950‘s and 60‘s, five of the seven boys of the family who lived there attended our community partner, St. Mary’s High School.  We were honored to continue its wonderful tradition of nurturing and growing family for years to come.

5036 South Grand is a cheery, roomy house, full of South City character. It has a large backyard, and sits on a major street, centrally located to all the conveniences of the neighborhood. Thanks to crackerjack volunteers, including those from St. Mary’s High School, and Fontbonne University, as well as the work of Wall Flower Design, Dream Builders 4 Equity, and other professionals, we renovated all major components so that a homebuyer could be confident they wouldn’t be facing any major maintenance or costs in their first years.

Happily, a family will soon close on this house! We are excited for this wonderful family of six to begin their life at 5036 S. Grand, and to join this great South City community. From beginning to end, this has been a journey of community coming together and we are grateful to all involved.

If you are interested in buying one of our homes, check out our How to Qualify guidelines, and please contact us. Additionally, if you have a South City home you are interested in selling or donating, we are interested in you! Reach out to us today.

Our Second and THIRD House…COMING SOON!!!


In a city neighborhood, owning a home doesn’t just mean having a roof over your head–it means having neighbors by your side. In our First Neighbor program, each new homeowner is matched with a current resident family, to offer support and foster community.

A “First Neighbor” is:

  • A current resident of the neighborhood
  • Is the same race and speaks the same language as the new family
  • Is willing to welcome the new homebuyer to the area by introducing them to other neighbors and families
  • Will be willing to take the new neighbor on a driving tour of the area, pointing out important resources (grocery store, library, post office)
  • Will invite the new homebuyer to join them in attending neighborhood meetings, block parties, alley sweeps etc.
  • Will introduce the new family to neighborhood stabilization officer, Alderman and other neighborhood leaders and explain their roles
  • Will provide info on churches and schools if needed
  • Will check in frequently with the new neighbor… maybe even invite them for a casual dinner from time to time
  • Will give information that a new neighbor might not understand… eg. protocol for using dumpsters, where to park on street cleaning days…
  • Will be willing to loan a tool or help with a project
  • Will be in contact with St. Joseph Housing Initiative if additional resources are needed for the family

If you are interested in becoming a First Neighbor Family, reach out to us today!