At St. Joseph Housing Initiative, we know that people need safe, peaceful home environments to thrive and owning one’s home is a major step forward in the path of financial independence. Where there are stable homes, there are healthy, harmonious neighborhoods. But neighborhoods are nothing without neighbors. When we help our neighbors begin a path toward homeownership, we all benefit. When we share in the work of home-building, we share in a greater, stronger St. Louis.


Our Homes

Our first house, 5036 South Grand came to us full of South City character, and all the wonderful qualities a well-built, older home has to offer.

House Blessing

On the morning of July 1, the SJHI community joined in celebration and gratitude as Archbishop Robert Carlson blessed our first home.

Thank you Dream Builders 4 Equity!

Work Day with Dream Builders 4 Equity

Monday, July 8, SJHI was delighted to have an awesome work force from Dream Builders 4 Equity.  Members of their Summer 2019 class did a basement clean-out and waterproof painting project.  The day was productive and fun, and we are so grateful.  A huge thank you to Dream Builders co-founder Michael Woods— we are looking forward to working together in the future!