At St. Joseph Housing Initiative, we know that people need safe, peaceful home environments to thrive and owning one’s home is a major step forward in the path of financial independence. Where there are stable homes, there are healthy, harmonious neighborhoods. But neighborhoods are nothing without neighbors. When we help our neighbors begin a path toward homeownership, we all benefit. When we share in the work of home-building, we share in a greater, stronger St. Louis.

Helping Home Happen:  Learn about what we do from the people who make us who we are.  We are St. Joseph Housing Initiative.

Our Homes: Happy 2021! At SJHI, we are filled with HOPE and determination for the coming year. With several ongoing projects and more exciting new ones coming up, this is going to be a great year for affordable, quality homeownership!

We Love Our Volunteers! : Another fence on another SJHI home!  On Friday, November 6th and Saturday November 7th, volunteers gathered at our Idaho House to help take down the old fence, salvage certain elements (reuse, recycle–yay!) and begin work on building the new one.  We are truly grateful to this team of SJHI friends– we couldn’t do it without you!

In The News: Alexis Zotos of KMOV Channel 4 features St. Joseph Housing Initiative at our Idaho House! St. Louis nonprofit works to rehab vacant homes into affordable housing for first time buyers 

In The News: Our wonderful Fence Building Volunteer Day is featured in a spotlight by Joseph Kenny in the STL Review: St. Stephen Parishioners lead housing initiative’s volunteer effort

In The News: Take a look at the progress we are making, featured here in the St. Louis Review: